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The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) is a key differentiator between traditional analogue radio and DAB Digital Radio. It is an electronic version of a printed programme guide, broadcast alongside radio.  

The EPG promotes future programmes to your radio stations current listeners, encouraging them to listen for longer at different times of the day which in turn allows hard revenue to be generated through selling or adding promotions to the space provided on an EPG.

Providing programme listings promotes your radio station to non-listeners, giving them a reason to listen to your station for longer. The EPG provides detailed information about the current programme on your station, and even web and email links. It enables future technologies such as manual or automated time-shifting of programmes, and on-demand listening, which are great features for advertisers who are looking for additional exposure.


The EPG Management system is a standalone system that is placed in-between the content generated by the individual service providers and the broadcast of that data. The system enables broadcasters to upload EPG data in advance, either using their own in-house system or manually, via the internet using our WorkBench application. This programme content is verified, scheduled and broadcast on the necessary EPG channels, providing service providers with the assurance that their programme listings are being transmitted correctly, reliably and efficiently, in an agreed worldwide standard.  

If your organisation already uses an in-house Content Management System (CMS) to provide schedule or programming data, it is very simple to interface with our EPG system.  Clients without a CMS can use our specially created Workbench tool to very easily generate Electronic Programme Guide data for the EPG Server.

Radio station EPG data can be re-purposed for use across a number of different platforms. A comprehensive EPG management solution will mean that the programme listings data only has to be entered into the system once but can be used in many different platforms.

EPG System Diagram

EPG System Diagram

Revenue Opportunities

An Electronic Programme Guide offers a number of different revenue opportunities;

Direct Opportunities

  • The addition of sponsorship and promotions messaging and logos within the programme listings will give your advertisers more impact, bolstering any on-air promotional activity and reinforcing advertising messages.
  • The addition of premium rate telephone numbers and reverse charge SMS billing numbers within the programme listings.
  • The addition of weblinks and email addresses within the programme listings.

Indirect Opportunities

  • By increasing the length of time a listener listens to your radio station, your station listening hours will be extended.
  • By capturing new listeners to listen to your radio station, your station reach will be increased.

The Unique Interactive EPG Management System

The EPG offers extensive branding opportunity for sponsorships and promotions, and the possibility for revenue providing your broadcast advertising with more impact.  In addition to adding premium rate telephone numbers and reverse charge SMS billing, the EPG is premium space for sponsored shows and promotional information.

With on-air activity that should drive the audience to the EPG for more information, the possibilities of cross promotion between a data service 'tell me more' service and audio services become a reality.  Rather then a shift in focus to data, EPG data can bolster any on-air promotional activity and reinforce the advertising messages.

The biggest benefit of an EPG is providing a new way for listeners to reach the radio station content.   Time-shift recording and being able to select shows in the future from a radio station are both benefits of an EPG.  Reaching more listeners, whilst not a direct revenue stream, should be considered a value for any broadcaster and advertiser.

Business Models

Our EPG Management System can be provided to you in two possible ways:

1.    As a managed solution that can be accessed over private circuits or securely over the Internet

With a managed service we can provide full product support and security upgrades including a managed upgrade policy.  Our highly-trained support staff are always on hand to deal with enquiries, issues and providing training.

2.    The EPG Management System can be shipped as a stand-alone product with the possibility of customising the user interface to suit your needs.  Whilst the System is compliant withinternationalisation and has localised language support, it can be personalised further with a direct translation into a chosen language.

Purchasing the EPG Management System as a standalone productfrom us has the benefit of our support network and training in addition to the possibility of customising the user interface toyour requirements.  Ownership of the System also opens up the business possibility for providing EPG data for multiple services in different countries as a reseller of EPG services.


The Service Delivery team at Unique Interactive are ready to assist in day-to-day operational scenarios. As a support system, the Service Delivery team work to IT Service Management Forum (itSMF) best practice guidelines. The team comprises Redhat Linux certified engineers and administrators with a strong IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and IT Service Management (ITSM) background. This service is complemented by a dedicated web enabled client helpdesk with 24-hour support service and subsequent support methodologies.


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