The TRISTAN transmitter line fullfills the demand of the market to offer one complete solution for high power DVB, DAB or analogue-TV (AVB). The TRISTAN transmitters have new designed solid state class-AB power amplifier drawers. The output power can be modular adapted to the estimated needs of the site. In addition the TRISTAN line contains a flexi-ble exciter ideally suited for control and monitoring of various types of broadcast equipment.

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  • the broadcast solution for T-DAB, DVB-T, ATSC and analogue TV
  • trouble-free integration into actual and future control and monitoring environments
  • little space requirement, high efficiency
  • output power up to 40 kW
  • easy maintenance
  • ideal for all reserve configurations, like active, passive and (N+1)
  • air or liquid cooling of the power amplifier drawers






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